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Common stuff

Get to know about DesiHub

What is DesiHub?

DesiHub is a single place where your can find everything India. From businesses to services to events to entertainment to spirituality. Connect with few Indians offering world class products and services and support small businesses in Australia.

How to use it?

Browse through the huge number of businesses by their categories or your city. Find businesses near your location and connect with them directly.

How do I connect with businesses?

Most of the business will have their contact number listed, but you can also reach out to them online through Facebook or WhatsApp or through their website.

How to I list my business

Fill out a simple form sharing details about your business. What products or services you offer, which locations do you serve, how should the users contact you?

We review all the information and make it the listing live.

What is the cost to list my business?

We rely on businesses to support this platform. There is a nominal fee of $59 / year to list a business. The fees goes towards running the platform and cover operational costs.

Is there any additional cost?

There are no ongoing costs to keep your listing on the platform. Your listing will be on the platform for as long as you wish.

Is there any concession?

Social organisations, Not-for-profit organisations and spiritual entities can list their entries for free.

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