What is DesiHub and how to get started?

A single place to find Indian businesses across Australia.
Kunal Bhusare
December 6, 2022
4 min read

What is DesiHub?

DesiHub started with an idea to bring the Indian community together at a single place.

True that we have a lot of very active WhatsApp and Facebook groups and they work great. We have groups for Cultural, Regional, Commercial, Spiritual interests. However, the common theme I noticed across all the groups was people asking references for certain businesses. Someone is asking for a Mortgage Broker or an Accountant or a Real Estate Agent or a lawyer. Many a times these queries go unanswered and so many businesses within the community miss out on potential customers.

That's where DesiHub comes in.

Our Mission is to create a single place for all the Indian Businesses across Australia and to connect them with potential customers.

So that next time when you are looking for a product / service, you know where you can find a suitable business. It will be on DesiHub.

How Does it work?

All goal is to list as many Indian businesses as possible on the platform.

The community members will know that they can find a relevant business on the platform whenever they need. They will be able to search, browse and connect with the right business immediately.

This increases the potential for businesses to gain more customers and for the members to avail great products / services from within the Indian community.

Helping Indian businesses grow

As a business owner, how can I list my business?

Great. We are glad that you've chosen to list your business on DesiHub.

We have made it very easy for you to list your business.

  • Pay a nominal yearly fee
  • Share details about your business
  • Verify the details with our team
  • Get your listing live
  • Promote your business listing within your network

Click here to get started!

As a community member, how can I connect with a business?

There are multiple ways in which you can connect with a business.

  • Search the business by type. Example: Accountants, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Brokers, Saree sellers, Jewellery sellers etc
  • Search businesses within your area. Example: Accountants in Parramatta, Jewellery sellers in Melbourne
  • Search business by their names. Example: Samartha Migration Services

After you have found the right business, call them, message them or email them as per their preferences.

What kind of businesses will be listed on DesiHub?

We welcome all kinds of businesses small or large. Any and all types of businesses can increase their visibility by listing themselves on the platform.

Others businesses that can help you...

We are continually listing more businesses. Feel free to visit again.
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What is DesiHub and how to get started?

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