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SquareM Property Group

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Roopesh Darvatkar
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Level 49, 8 Parramatta Square Parramatta NSW 2150
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What we offer?

Over the last decade Roopesh have been in property transactions multiple times as he built his investment portfolios. He realised the need for better services in the real estate and finance space and hence decided to build a business around providing an honest personalised service to look after their investor clients.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone.

I am Kunal Bhusare from Desi Hub and today we have Roopesh Darvatkar from SquareM Property Group. Hi Roopesh, welcome.

Hey Kunal, Hi everyone.

 So Roopesh, if you can start by telling us what are the services that you offer to your customers?

Firstly, thank you so much for getting us on the show, really appreciate it and it gives us an opportunity to showcase our business with all the other entrepreneurs that we have within our community. So yes, SquareM Property Group as the name suggests, we are a real estate company and the primary services that we provide to our customers are selling their properties and of course when investors buy the properties, we also rent it out for them. So renting and selling is the main service.

 Nice. And who is your ideal client who should reach out to you from our platform?

My ideal client would be anybody who wants to get into real estate. So whether it be your First Home Buyers, who are looking at buying properties. So we do assist in helping them buy properties, do the due diligence and so forth, and savvy investors who are already in the game and want their assets to be managed by professionals like us. That's where we come in.

 Awesome, and what is the process that you follow to help your customers achieve their goals?

Look, it's really difficult to define the process as such because it catered for every individual. But in a nutshell, I would say we understand the needs and requirements of our customers and then we will design a strategy and a process to suit their needs whether it be just buying their first home or whether it be buying multiple properties. So the process is mainly to understand the requirements and then cater for their requirements. And that is what all the customers want, right?

 So that's good. And a bit about yourself, how did you start this business, and how long you have been going for?

 Okay, well look, I started this business in 2016, but in saying so I have been investing well before that. So I would say I've been in investing for about 15-16 years helping buy properties for my friends who are now my clients and that was one of the push to start my own real estate business. So now I am completely into real estate and that's what we do basically.

 Excellent. Hey Roopesh, that's it from us today. Thank you so much for joining.

Hey, my pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you.

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