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Samartha Migration Zone

Key People:
Milind Kulkarni
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Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000
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What we offer?

We are your Migration Agent expert in Australia. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with more than 18 years of professional experience as a migration agency, Samartha Information Systems achieved its desire which is to provide professional counselling and information to international applicants who want to migrate to Australia.

We are registered with Migration Agent Authority (MARA) MARN 0425512 and are member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

We provide Migration Eligibility assessment through our Professional Registered Migration Agent.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone. Today we have Milind Kulkarni from Migration Zone with us.

Milind, if you can start by sharing what services you offer to your clients?

Yeah, thank you, Kunal for calling me today. I am Milind Kulkarni from Samartha Information Services. We are an ISO 9001-certified company and we are registered with MARA to provide migration services. So we help our clients all around the world, but specifically from India to come to Australia on different type of visa. It can be a visitor visa, it can be someone getting married and coming on a spouse visa or it may be parents who want to come and join their kids. So any type of visa we can help them out. That's what we're doing since 2004.

Thank you and who is your ideal client or who should reach out to you?

Okay, so our ideal client there are 2 different type of client based which we have. It may be the individual, they might be coming here on a visitor visa or spouse visa or they might want to apply for a permanent residence visa. So thats a specific groups and group normally consists of between 25 to 45 that's age group where we deal. And another client base is the companies you know like in Australia right now there is a lot of shortage of skilled manpower and so we work with the companies to help them with all the paperwork which needs to be done to get those overseas employees to their company.

Nice and what is your process to help your clients achieve their goals?

So normally what we do is we have one-to-one consultation first so it can be online or offline or face-to-face depending on where the client is best. And after that, once that is done we come to know what actually client is looking for. Because if we can help them out and both the things we want to give a look it is. We do not want to do any false promises. If we cannot help you tell them no. This is the thing. And that's where we are quite good at. This means if we are able to help you will tell them yes let's proceed further and go ahead. And once the client agrees with it, we send them a contract and once they sign that contract we have got all the details like how much it is going to cost, what is the visa application fees, what is our consulting charges and once everything is agreed we proceed further and then we send them with checklist and as per the checklist they start working on it. For example like if it is

a permanent residence application. So they have to give the, we have to get the skill assessment. Also, they have to also give an English exam. There is a police clearance which is required. There is a medical test that is required. So it is like a long process that might take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years or maybe more. So it depends on what type of visa they are applying for. So what we do is we help our clients to walk them through the total process. It is not like just the first time we met them and after that actually, we are in touch with our client best for a longer time up to the the time the department makes a decision on their visa application.

That's good. And if you can share a bit about yourself, how did you come across this business? When did you start?

Okay, so my actual background when I came to Australia it is in IT. So I had an IT company in India and I used to go to India multiple times after coming to Australia and the people used to ask me how I can come to Australia, how I can come to Australia. And then that time actually I completed a course and got registered with the MARA. MARA is the Migration Agents Registration Authority. So since 2004, I am providing that migration services to people who would like to come to Australia on a different type of visa and so after that its is just the word of mouth on networking, that worked out quite well for me. Normally what I do is I try to reach out to the client base who actually have got a lot of skills or the companies who really want to get the people. So I'm just trying to be the person in between who can help whether it is big companies or small companies or if they are the individuals who want to come to Australia.

That's good. Milind, thank you so much for joining us today.

Thank you, Kunal. Thank you for your time.

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