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Natural Panaa

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Premjith Herman
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Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Australia
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What we offer?

Natural Panaa is an idea that came as a solution to one of the most dangerous issues the world is facing today – Plastic pollution.

Natural Panaa is a social enterprise, an aggregator and seller of palm leaf products that will replace plastic disposables in Australia. It chooses to do so in a way that is sustainable for the environment and the communities by enabling food related industries. To replace or reduce use of plastic and foam products in food packaging and storage. The products are sourced, aggregated and marketed from small scale and home based industries in India and being an aggregator. We are able to provide fair pricing to the manufacturers in India and consumers in Australia.

Natural Panaa currently caters to Australia and sells palm leaf based plates and cutlery. We will be expanding to other products of areca palm in the near future.

Watch Interview

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. Today we have Premjith Herman from Natural Panaa joining us. Thank you so much.

Premjith if you can start with what products you are offering.

We sell disposable plates and cutlery and its for any parties or events.

Nice. And who is your ideal client; who should reach out to you?

Anyone who is having a event or home party or restaurant owner who wants to be more eco friendly. Anybody who uses disposable plates can reach out and you know, they can have the best plates.

Yeah. So almost everyone, right?

That's pretty much, yeah. Yeah.

And where do you get your product from? Why should people buy from you?

Okay. So our products are made in India. They are made from a fallen leaf, which means we dont have to cut any trees and they are one of the most sustainable products available in the market.

When I'm saying sustainable its a different level of sustainability because these leaves used to get burnt. So instead of burning them we are using them and making them into plates and using them and then disposing them. Even with your disposal you're not harming the environment, you're pretty much putting it into your red bin and its getting degraded. So pretty great product for the climate in short.

Yes, it is nice and if you can tell us a bit about yourself, your story, how did you start this business?

I came to Australia in 2009 as a migrant with my wife right now we have 2 kids, my son Yohan is in year one and daughter Ria, she is in her kindergarten. Settled here in Baulkham Hill, Sydney. So again, when we were in India, we saw this plates being used in one of the parties and we thought why not bring this to Australia and started doing research on this almost for one year. In 2019, we started this. We imported from Karnataka and brought it over and sell it here. It's right now it's mainly online.

That's nice. Thank you so much for joining us today. Really appreciate your time. Thank you.

Thanks for helping.

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