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KM Financial

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Kris Menon
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18 Labuan Road, Holsworthy NSW 2173 Australia
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What we offer?

KM Finance is based in South West Sydney and for the past 16 years, we have served the communities of South West and North West Sydney, as well as clients as far away as NSW, QLD, and VIC.

Our finance and real estate sales experience has equipped us to solve scenarios other brokers can’t. We work predominantly with first-home and investment buyers and also assist with refinancing and SMSFs. Our team of three support staff handles the servicing, admin, filing, and legal side of the business, which allows us time to dedicate to our growing network of clients.

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Video Transcript

Kris Menon from KM Financials is with us. Hi Kris. If you can start by explaining to us what are the services  you offer to your clients?

We basically started off with doing home loans. That is where we started off. We started out doing home loans 14 years ago and we do home loans, we do investment home loans, we connect people with buyers agents. We also do superannuation. We also do start up. We also do land banking. We also do like somebody wants to buy a motel or hotel or truck or a car. We do all of that. So we have got specialized people who work in this industry for that.

So it is more about connection to the right person for the right, for the right result. Yeah. So we do right from that way. So we connect also with Solicitors whom we have worked for 3-3 years. So it's not about any kickback, but it's more about the service. How can a solicitor help client by looking into what is needed to be done and not needed to be done. Yeah. So we go through that sort of so basically home loans and flowed on to real estate, flowed on to development, but basically KM finances is all about home loans. Yeah.

Nice. So, big range of services that you offer. Yeah. And who is your ideal client or who should reach out to you from our platform?

I say anybody has come to Australia, who is a migrant or a non-migrant but has got limited knowledge about Do's and Dont's, who would like to know the process before they jump, would like to find out their borrowing capacity, what is the repayment, what is the rate, what is their target, where they want to be in a school, where does the station more important than the school or shopping centre more important than these 2.

Or a comparison also to find out growth areas. So anybody who is an ABN guy or PAYG guy or anybody who has been in business should always remember that you should be putting in 2 years before you get a loan. So basically anybody who wants to think of dreaming a part of a small part  of Australia should be talking to us and we can of course guide them. End of the day it is there a way of thinking where they want to go and do business with.

Nice and what is your process to help your clients achieve their goals.

First of all we have nowadays because the last 2 years become very beautiful. Even I dont have to see you, I can see your video. So that has helped us. So COVID has got us some positivity that is seeing clients online. People have become more savvy with how to upload docs and everything and new systems and come out. So our process is very simple. First process is we somebody comes through referral asks us the name we give them a one minute data  about what we are, what we do, what we can do, how we can negotiate for a client for you to get a reduction in the price, how do we know real estate.

So process is very simple. We help them negotiate if it if there is new First Owner grant. All these things are things which are the client wouldn't know. So we give them clarity on that. So our process very simple. Talk to Kunal, ask Kunal his storyline, send him a link, let him upload, let it come back to us. 24 hours later we do a zoom again, we discuss everything. Go step by step, what you can borrow, what is the rate, what is the actual repayment, what is the deposit? You need funds to do all these.

Clarity is given in the first 2-3 meetings. And then after that we just keep on running every day. Once a client finds a property we make a WhatsApp group by which they are lawyer, their wife, everybody knows the same thing. So in that way nobody can say I don't know, I don't know so you know and also you get a blue tag tick when you somebody sees the message so that's a positive. So that's how we run a process from start to end. But we have got different team members which look after different parts. But end of the day everything is looked at by me. So I know that we have to look after our clients 100%. So that's how we run the process. That would  be our process. Yeah, that's good.

And finally, if you can tell a bit about yourself, how did you start this business?

Came to Australia in 1992 was a trades person in TELCO, did 4-year apprenticeship over there. And in 1998 bought the first house with very limited knowledge. Lady came in and just talked about Sachin Tendulkar and said my wife is very pretty. Signed a paper without knowing because we are thinking about Sachin not about the house. So after that we just went through and till 2006, 2007 I was still thinking should I become a broker, should I become a broker where we have all data transfer to everybody and then they can make a call? So around the 2007 mark, I thought like okay, we should become a part-time broker. 2012 decided to become a full-time broker.

The journey from tradesperson to now a broker or real estate person or developer is very interesting and I thank people from India who supported me wholeheartedly and a lot of my friends who pushed me at in doing what I'm doing. So today whatever I am is because of the divine, my friends and the well-wishers here. I would say thank you.

That's a really inspiring story. Kris, thank you

so much for joining us today.

Thanks for all. Bye. Thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you. Thank you.

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