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InXpress Schofields

145 Railway Terrace, Schofields NSW 2762
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What we offer?

As an Ex Army business person with more than 25 years of logistics and allied experience, I understand that successful businesses wish to concentrate on their core business activities while delegating the peripherals to suitably qualified persons. You could agree that businesses like yours need a one stop solution for their freight / shipping requirements which is cost effective, personalised and hassle free, alongside being professional and courteous.

Rest assured you are guaranteed that this has been and shall always be our humble endeavour at InXpress Schofields.

If you want to know how we could enhance your current freight / shipping experience, email me at or simply call on 0423 878 424 to have a friendly chat.

Watch Interview

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. Today we have Mr Sachin Tilekar from InXpress Schofields with us. Sachin, thank you so much for joining us.

If you can start with sharing, what are the services that you offer to your customers?

Beautiful. Thank you very much Kunal. Firstly for getting me on the show and to interact with all the customers. It's an honour to be here. The services that I offer to my customers are Domestic and International movement of goods in Australia or to more than 150 countries worldwide X Australia.

Nice. And who is your ideal client or who should reach out to you from our platform?

Beautiful. That's a good one. Any customer who is based in Australia who has to move their goods, whether they be in boxes, pallets or containers anywhere in Australia or in case they are in to import and export X Australia. Then they can reach out to me because I will be able to give them a good service for their money.

Excellent. And what is the process that you follow? How do you help your clients achieve their goals, objectives?

How I help my client is I help them to book their service through wide range of leading national and international couriers like DHL, StarTrack, TNT and a lot of others. And I give them a login, a username and a password and they are able to book this service directly through our portal and get the service from the service providers.

Nice. And finally, just a bit about you, your background, how did you start this business?

That way I have served in the Army for 22 years. So being an Army man, logistics comes pretty naturally to me, so I thought of getting this vast Army experience to my customers based in India and abroad, to help them get the same discipline from the army, the good service, time ethos, punctuality, administrative skills and responsiveness onto my customers and get them a good service in the logistic world which really requires good value for the money

Awesome, Sachin, thats it from us. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Thanks, Kunal. Have a great time ahead for your business. You are doing a good job. Thanks.

Thank you.

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