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80 Hassall St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia
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What we offer?

Advantek Australia is an engineering firm that provides innovative solutions for businesses in the energy, defence, and industrial sectors. The company has been in operation since 2004 and is based in Western Australia. Advantek's team of highly skilled engineers and project managers work closely with their clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Their services include design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of systems, including electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. The company is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. They are focused on providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed their clients' expectations. Advantek Australia's core values include teamwork, innovation, and a focus on continuous improvement. They pride themselves on their ability to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to complex problems. Overall, Advantek Australia is a dynamic and innovative company that is dedicated to providing exceptional engineering services to their clients.

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Video Transcript

Hello all. Today we have Mr. Rahul Chauhan from Advantech Australia.

Hi Rahul, welcome. How are you doing?

Good. Kunal, how are you?

I am good. Thank you so much for joining us.

Rahul, if you can start with sharing with us, what do you offer?

Basically, we are an engineering firm or an engineering industry. I would say we do plastic, metal and all kind of engineering stuff, so mostly mechanical engineering.

 So we do parts for example all the mining giants here in Australia, food industry,  whoever uses a custom-made part, we cater those customers.

 Nice and who is your ideal client, who should reach out to you from our platform?

I'm not sure if your platform is for employers or employees, it can be both. So for employees, I would say if they are working in an environment where they need mechanical designing or they are using parts which are coming from overseas and which they are looking for making it here in in Sydney, we can do those things for them. We can design those parts for them. So in that way that delivery is very quick. The cost is almost half the cost of the parts coming from the overseas market as well as the quality is pretty good because everything is certified. We have a genuine certification system, so all the material, traceability and everything. For employers would say who are in mechanical engineering field, we can become a good partner with them and try to fill the gaps like they have issues with their existing suppliers or they are trying to invent something. We can help them in that area.

 Nice and what is the process that you follow and help your clients achieve their goals?

Okay. So I will start from the beginning like how we reach out to the customers most the industry mechanical like we are a big country in size. But if you look at the industry, it's not that big because the consumers are not that much. So the industry is pretty much limited and everybody knows everybody. So when we reach out to clients, we will reach out to those people who are either using existing services from somewhere else or they are trying to design some new things or they are trying to cut costs or trying to get that delivery. So when we reach out we ask them what's like if you can service them in any of those areas and then the client sends us drawings or they will send us an idea like this is what they want to develop or they will have a part which is failing in the in the system and they want to have different material or something which will last longer like some of these parts will be somewhere in Western Australia where it's in a mining field and imagine that it's working 24/7 and there is a breakdown that part breaks and it's very hard to fix that and the downtime of that line like they are talking millions every day. So then we will suggest to them that you can use this part instead of this, you can change a little bit, put a little bit of meat on the part and then it will last longer. So that kind of system we do. We will suggest the designs, we will not say that this is the design and it should work. And we will get their engineers to certify that design and if they are happy with it then we will manufacture it and put it to test. So in that way if that helps, then we will keep supplying the parts for them. So this is roughly what we do.

 Awesome. And finally a bit about your journey so far, any milestones that you would like to share with us?

Ohh they are plenty, like every day is a milestone for us. It's been like for me its been 20 years. This is the 20th year in Sydney, for the business, its 11th year. So we started with one small machine. Right now we

have 10 different machines. So in house we do have machinery which is probably more sophisticated than you can find anywhere else in the country. The parts that we do, we rank ourselves probably 3rd in the in the country and some of the parts which we do is specifically done by us. So nobody touches it. So we cater to lot of industries you can nuclear power everything, everywhere you will see our parts, most of the food industry in Sydney, they have 80% of our parts. So they have forgotten how to order parts from overseas whatever breaks down they will just call us. Yeah, we have got ISO 9000 certification as well. Yeah, that. That's pretty much it.

 Awesome, awesome. And if I can ask, how big is your team now?

We are a team of 7 and everybody like we work in 2 shifts and the setup is designed you know in a way that here you know like we don't we can't have too many people onboard. So everybody its a skilled kind of work and it's very hard to replace people. So whoever we have they have to go through at least 6 months to one-year training until they can start working by themselves. So but we have developed a system in a way that every machine every system, everything is controlled online so I can be anywhere in the world and I can still run the show. So I'm still like I work in house there I do sales as well, everything is done. My wife Richa, she works with us as well. So between us I would say we are a team of 4-5 and then the other guys, so every and the people are trained in a way that one person can at least run 2 to 3 machines at one time. So it's all controlled. The equality system is in place and we are paperless as well, so there are no papers used on the shop floor. Everything is controlled through iPad and so we try to use the new technology as much as possible.

 Excellent. Rahul, if there is anything else that you would like to share with us about your journey with Advantech,

Yeah, I think the success of our business mostly also depends on customers and mostly the customers are like as I said the employees on your who are working in different areas, there are people working like in our community, people are working in different areas on good positions. So they will bring me leads. So my job is to get the lead get the first step inside and then settle that, you know, so we try to then it's up to us like how we live up to the expectation. Having said that, you know, new migrants come to the country. So our company since its beginning we have at least employed over60 new migrants so our job was the first job for them. You know how difficult it is to get a job here. So some of them stayed with us for 3 years, 4 years, some of them may be a few months,6 months and they get a job and then move on. So all these people who go out and work in different environments, they also bring back business to us, you know because they remember that this is the first job we had. So I would say that is the success overall.

Nice and congratulations for all the success that you have got so far and wish you all the best.

Thank you, Kunal.


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